Portable power station 2Е 600W OPS-600

SKU: 2E-OPS-600

A portable power station is a rechargeable battery generator. Such a thing is always necessary in everyday life, and it is especially necessary at the front, because even in difficult field conditions it helps our defenders to solve the problem of uninterrupted operation of necessary devices, in addition, the delivery set includes several power cables and an AC adapter for 98 W The device is equipped with a Lithium battery with a capacity of 160,000 mAh. The nominal power is 600 W. Thanks to the presence of a DC5.5 connector, the portable power station supports charging from solar panels (max. up to 100 W).

  • Power 600 W
  • Lithium battery with a capacity of 160,000 mAh
  • Nominal voltage 230 W
  • LED lighting (11 W), 52 h
  • LED display
  • Solar panels 100 W via DC5.5 port support
  • Type-C+DC 200 W support
  • Connectors: Type-C1 PD 100 W, Type-C2 PD 27 W, 2 × USB-A, 3 × DC5.5*2.1
  • AC adapter 98 W
  • Schuko sockets 2 pcs.
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Type Power station
Rated power, W 600
Real capacity, W/h 576
Real capacity, mAh 160000
Battery type Lithium
Peak power, W/s 1200
Overload, W/s 653
Rated voltage, V 230
Frequency, Hz 50
Input DC5.5*2.1: 5-24.5 V/2-5 A, 122.5 W (Max.)
DC5.5*2.1: Solar Attached, 100W (Max.)
Type-C1: PD100W (Max.)
Support Type-C+DC Input 200 W (Max.)
Output DC5.5*2.1-1/2/3: 12 -13 V/10 A (Share)
Car Cigar Lighter: 12 -13 V/10 A (Share)
Type-C1: PD100W
Type-C2: PD27W
USB-A1/A2: 5 V/2.1 A
LED lighting, W 11
LED lighting, lm 8800-1320
Continuous illumination, h 52
Solar charger Support 100W solar panels with DC5.5 port
Operating temperature -10 °С – +40 °С
Package contents Power station, 98W AC adapter (with AC cable), Type-C cable (30 cm Type-C to Type-C), car charging cable (DC5.5x2.1 socket), manual
Dimensions, mm 258х212х249
Weight, kg 6.1
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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Significant Capacity in a Stylish Case

The win-win combination of black and green is embodied in the plastic case of the power station, which is resistant to the influence of external factors and contains a lithium battery. The declared power of the device is 600 W, the battery capacity is 160,000 mAh. The device overloads at 653 W for 10 seconds, and the permissible peak power is 1,200 W (1 sec).

Interface that Will Pleasantly Impress

2E-OPS-600 portable power station boasts two Schuko sockets and a wealth of connectors for various user needs: 3 × DC5.5*2.1 12-13 V /10 A, 2 × USB-A, 1 × Type-C PD 100 W and 1 × Type-C PD 27 W and Car charger 12-13 V / 10 A. To charge the device, simply connect the solar panels (100 W) through the DC5.5 port to the station. Regarding input ports: DC Input DC5-24.5V/5A, 122.5W (Max.), USB-C1 Input PD100W (Max.) and DC+USB-C1 Dual Inputs are provided. The battery charge status or voltage is shown on the display. In addition, the power station has a built-in LED flashlight with a power of 11 W, which can provide lighting for 52 hours. If you plan to use the device in a bomb shelter or in the field, the possibility of long-term illumination is an undeniable advantage in favor of the model.

For User Needs

To avoid additional troubles, the manufacturer adds: a 98W AC adapter (with AC cable), a 30 cm long Type-C to Type-C cable and a car charging cable (DC5.5*2.1 plug) to the device’s delivery kit.

Instant Charge

The portable power station is equipped with a massive handle for easy portability, the model weighs only 6.1 kg and has dimensions of 258×212×249 mm. All this together ensures the mobility of the device, so you can take 2E-OPS-600 with you and use the power station in the field without any complications – with a minimum of effort and space in the car.