Power Bank 2Е Wireless 10000mAh 20W Black


Powerbank is a device that is one of the necessary things in the list of things for an emergency suitcase. The Power Bank 2E Wireless model is noteworthy due to its versatility, which is due to the presence of two connectors of different configurations – USB-A and USB-C. A significant advantage is that the “bank” supports QI technology for wireless charging of compatible devices (15 W; Apple – 7.5 W). The battery capacity is 10,000 mAh, the device restores a full charge in 6 hours if charged via a microUSB connector and in 4 hours via USB-C. Permissible number of recharge cycles up to 100% – up to 500 times. The power bank is equipped with LED indicators and several protective functions, in particular against short circuit and overcurrent. The body is made of black plastic. The package includes a 30 cm charging cable, which means that the device can be used out of the box.

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Capacity Li-pol 10000 mAh
Input Micro USB, USB Type-C - DC5V-2A/9V-2A
Output 2xUSB-А - DC5V-4.5A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A, 22.5W, DC5V-3A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A, 18W, USB Type-C - DC5V-3A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A, Wireless - 15W
Charging time 4 h (USB Type-C), 6 h (Micro USB)
Recharge cycles Up to 500 times
Protection Short circuit, over-current and over-charge
Case material Polycarbonate with soft-touch coating
Additionally Digital charge indicator
Colour Black
Weight 261 g
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 70x143x19
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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